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Vikram: Bollywood's First Film to Metaverse

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Vistaverse enlisted Odyssey in creating their first look into the world of their upcoming hit movie “Vikram”. The film would go on to receive widespread acclaim, grossing over $63 million at the box office and becoming the second highest-grossing Tamil film of 2022.

The high visual fidelity of Unreal Engine made Odyssey the ideal platform to deliver this first look into the world of Vikram. Having photorealistic assets that mirrored props and settings from the film created an invitation for guests to participate in the film even before its release.

Driven by NFT ticket sales, entrance into the Vikram environment would provide a glimpse into the coming movie with trailers playing throughout the space. The space itself would take design cues from the content of the movie while also guiding guests through a game that would have them interacting with key props and settings from the film.


With superstar Kamal Haasan starring and producing, Vikram had the potential to be a blockbuster hit. The production company was determined to build tension with fans by carefully curating which details of the film would be included in the metaverse. The epic look and feel of the film had to be replicated for users before its release, presenting a unique challenge: to create an immersive virtual experience that would generate excitement and interest without revealing any spoilers.

VistaVerse needed an immersive storytelling experience that would give fans a sneak peek and encourage NFT ticket sales. Additionally, they wanted to drive social media sharing from visitors to spread the word about the film.


The solution was to create a compelling story by recreating a particular sequence in the film involving the protagonist surviving a plane crash. The sequence was recreated in Unreal Engine, with the subsequent wreckage and debris creating the backdrop of the environment that users navigated to uncover the story. Unreal Engine’s photorealistic dynamic lighting capabilities were utilized to great effect to illuminate the environment and avatars through fires occurring throughout the space. VFX of smoke, fire, and embers furthered the immersion.

Interactive set pieces were placed around the environment that rewarded users for navigation and kept user engaged in the evolving storyline. Overall the footprint of the environment was compact and delivered a glimpse into the film that was manageable, while still providing an epic immersive experience accessed through the Odyssey platform.

An opportunity to buy an NFT ticket and take photos in the scene were built-in as rewards for solving puzzles and moving through the experience.


Visitors were transported into the intensity of the Vikram story in this compact metaverse activation. Unreal Engine and delivered detailed, sound-rich, and visually stunning environments. Odyssey provided a platform to seamlessly deliver this photorealistic Unreal Engine level into a web-based experience.

VistaVerse created a one-of-a-kind environment that generated NFT sales and fueled fan interest and social sharing of the film ahead of its theatrical release. Impressed with the success of the experience, VistaVerse has gone on to partner with Odyssey to make metaverse spaces available on a much larger scale, including real estate and an NFT marketplace targeted toward metaverse users in India.