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Launching McDonald’s First Metaverse Experience

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McDonald’s needed a way to bring their annual Feel Good Marketing Awards (FGMAs) into the metaverse.

Creating a metaverse experience that reflected and honored the McDonald's brand presented a unique challenge. Strict brand guidelines and a need to create a familiar, friendly space that was simultaneously elevated to represent an awards show meant that the Odyssey studio team had to work closely with McDonald's to uphold McDonald's brand values and vision for the show.


The project held two firsts for McDonald’s—the first metaverse activation for the brand, and the first time the majority of the audience would be entering a 3D experience. Taking these into consideration, Odyssey was chosen over other platforms for ease of onboarding and our striking high fidelity, to ensure McDonald’s first metaverse activation left a meaningful, lasting impression. The primary goal of the project was to present the nominated work of the awards show in a way that ensured it was front and center for each of them.


A two part experience was designed to first introduce the works in a gallery, and second, an immersive venue to live steam the presentation of the nominations using our streaming video tool.

In order to put these nominated works front and center, we went beyond the typical screen format, creating a custom ultra-widescreen stage panel that we streamed to using our in-app streaming integration to provide zero-latency audio and video. To round out the experience, interactive elements like custom McDonald’s merchandise, and photo moments were strategically placed throughout the space to further engage users in the McDonald’s brand.


Overall, this metaverse-first event successfully brought together global teams to celebrate their amazing work.

Custom level design by our studio team mimicked the architecture of the McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago, IL. Attendees greeted one another outside the entrance, with a red carpet step and repeat—taking selfies with team members. Inside, an embedded video gallery provided a fun and immersive way to explore all of the work nominated for awards. Teleporting to the digital headquarters’ 10th floor, visitors grabbed some custom virtual McDonald’s swag before sitting down and watching the live awards presentation, conversing with one another in real-time as winners were announced.


Additional credits
Metaversed: consulting, strategy
Creative Filter: video production